Are More Pet Food Shortages on the Horizon?

August 4, 2021 | Logan Simmons
With so many pets being adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic (over 12 million in fact), there’s an

With so many pets being adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic (over 12 million in fact), there’s an ever increasing demand for pet food and treats.  This, combined with shortages and cost increases of pet food ingredients, has caused many popular foods and treats to disappear from shelves for extended periods.  In fact, the cost of pet food ingredients has climbed between 8-20% since the pandemic began as supplies dwindled and transportation costs increased.

According to one industry expert: “The pet supply chain isn’t that different from the food supply chain.  That has obviously been really stressed by COVID – whether it’s the ingredients, raw materials, processing or downtime at different facilities.”  This means that pet parents, are having to find alternative sources of food like a different pet food brand or formula to make ends meet for their pets.  In fact, some pet food companies are focusing their production on their top selling formulas and cutting production of specialized formulas like those for a specific health condition.

So what’s a pet parent to do?  It’s worth doing a little comparison shopping to find new formulas for your pet and determine whether or not these new formulas will meet your pet’s nutritional needs.  At PURELUXE Pet Food, we’re weathering the storm well, and we’re pleased that all of our dog and cat formulas are in production and available for sale.  We’re also proud that we’ve maintained our high standard of holistic ingredients while being transparent about food safety and our testing of each batch of food.  Learn more about all of our formulas at pureluxepetfood.com.  With Great Tasting Food You Can Trust, we’ll get thru these times together.