At PureLUXE, we make natural pet food using ingredients from all over the world. Primarily sourced from America’s heartland, our high-quality pet food includes a special blend of micro-nutrients specifically formulated to give your pet sustainable energy, immune support, healthy skin and a beautiful coat. We believe in setting a high transparency standard for the entire industry by giving consumers access to key nutritional information relevant to their pet’s health. This information is simplified and provided to you through our online transparency reports.



PureLUXE: Pure nutrition. Luxurious results. Real Transparency.


    ▪ No Fillers
    ▪ No Sugars
    ▪ No By-Products
    ▪ No Chemicals
    ▪ All Naturally Preserved Raw Ingredients
    ▪ Low-Ash
    ▪ Non-GMO
    ▪ Low-Glycemic and Gluten-Free
    ▪ Omega 3 Fatty Acids

    Our Grade A ingredients are the benchmark quality of our pet food


    Our food provides ‘Luxe’ results: visible health of your pet’s eyes, skin, nails, coat/fur, and stool. Watch your pet transform into a happier, healthier version of himself when fed a PureLUXE formula. The luxurious results will be visible on a daily basis.


    At PureLUXE, we advocate for more consumer education and accountability from pet food companies. Our goal is to inspire a healthier, safer industry in which transparency is a rule, not the exception.


    PureLUXE’s mission is to open consumers’ eyes to the importance of clean, trustworthy ingredients. We are proud to provide specific reports and education clarifying the meaning of “nutrition with value”. Plug in the production code found on your bag of food to the space provided on our home page and you will unlock a report about the product you are feeding your dog or cat. This is a great way to feel secure that what you see on the bag is true, with no exceptions.


    We carefully select who we are listing here as a partner and we may remove a business if information becomes available that changes our opinion on their level of ethics, quality of products or general treatment of consumers. If you wish to recommend or be a part of this list please fill out this form.

    Please visit our partners’ websites to learn more about their high-quality products and/or services.


    We strive to be a socially responsible company, and devote a lot of time and effort to making a difference in the pet world. We welcome sponsorship opportunities to support rescue events, educate pet parents on health and nutrition for their animal companions, and provide a platform for other companies to join forces with us. Together, we can make the world a better place for everyone, every day.


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