COVID-19 and Pets

October 29, 2020 | Logan Simmons

With COVID-19 still with us, we not only worry about our health but a

With COVID-19 still with us, we not only worry about our health but also how we’re going to get everyday essentials.  This extends to how we’ll get our pet’s food as well.  We ask ourselves: will my pet’s food be available when I go to the store or shop online?  Am I getting a good value from the food I’m buying now?  Is this food really good for my pet?  According to an industry article, these are all concerns of consumers these days.  

At PureLUXE, we know that you need confidence in the pet food you’re buying.  That’s why we have our Pure Nutrition Guarantee which makes sure that your pet’s food has no fillers, no sugars, no by-products and nor chemicals.  In fact, we’re so serious about avoiding the bad that we offer a 100% full transparency report regarding the nutrition of every batch of food.  Heavy Metal Testing? We’ve got your covered.  Proof of Natural Preservation?  We give this to you as well.  How well the food was cooked to help determine how well your pet will digest the ingredients?  YES, we provide this to you as well along with much more.  We give you what other companies will not!  Of course, we’re not just about what our formulas don’t contain.  All of our formulas contain omega-3 fatty acids for luscious coat and skin (among many other benefits) as well as other ingredients like deboned turkey and salmon from some of the best sources in the USA and around the world.  We’re even gluten-free.  To top it off,  your dog or cat will love the taste. 

Additionally, we know that communication is important which is why we have blogs like this and social media channels where you can reach us anytime.  We invite you to visit pureluxepetfood.com where you’ll learn more about our pet food formulas.  You’ll also see how and where you can purchase our products and learn about our offer for a free trial bag of food along with a travel bowl.  We know that your furry family member will not be disappointed.