Do you want more that what’s on the label?

June 17, 2021 | Logan Simmons
A recent study by Kerry indicated that as many as 90% of pet parents read the labels on their pet’

A recent study by Kerry indicated that as many as 90% of pet parents read the labels on their pet’s food before they make a purchase. At PURELUXE, we know how important a good label is beyond just fulfilling a legal requirement. We’re proud to show you that fresh meat is our number one ingredient and that we don’t use sugars, fillers or by-products.

All of that said, if 90% of pet parents read pet food labels, how many of them want to see more about their pet’s food? At PURELUXE, we think a good number of pet parents want more transparency than what’s normally offered in the industry. This is why we’ve made it so easy on our website to see the country of origin for our ingredients so you know that they don’t come from just anywhere. We specifically source ingredients from more expensive sources since we know they offer better quality. For example, it’s not just lamb but deboned lamb from New Zealand and Australia. It’s not just kelp but kelp from the finest Canadian sources.

We also know how important safety is in this recall prone world. It seems like there are new recalls weekly. At PURELUXE, we not only ensure that our factory follows the highest safety standards but we also provide safety testing reports that show you actual results from your batch of food. Do you want to know if there are heavy metals contaminating your pet’s food?  So do we which is why we do heavy metal testing on every batch and provide you with the results. Want to see your cook percentage to know how digestible your bag of food will be? Check out the report.

No one else in the pet food industry is as transparent as PURELUXE Pet Food. Learn more about our nutrition and transparency reports at pureluxepetfood.com. It’s Great Tasting Food You Can Trust!