Does my dog have hip dysplasia?

April 6, 2023 | Logan Simmons
Perhaps you’ve just gotten a puppy, and you notice that they have a bouncy walk.  Does that mean they could have hip dysplasia?  The truth is that many puppies can have a funny walk.  They’re just starting out in life after all.  That being said, if you notice the following symptoms, hip dysplasia could be at play.

For instance, if your dog begins to limp after serious exercise, or if you hear a clicking noise coming from the hip, this could be a symptom of hip dysplasia.  Also, if your dog keeps their hind legs close together, or if they have trouble getting up or climbing stairs, these can also be symptoms.

It’s best to go the vet at this point for a proper diagnosis.  The vet may suggest anything from joint supplements to weight reduction.  Also, surgery might be discussed.

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