Gen Z and Pet Parenthood

April 4, 2024 | Logan Simmons

Gen Z is really into their furry friends.  They're embracing pet owner

Gen Z is really into their furry friends.  They’re embracing pet ownership with a vengeance, with a surge in pet ownership compared to previous generations. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Variety is key: While dogs and cats still reign supreme, Gen Z is more open to owning all sorts of pets, from rabbits and birds to lizards and fish.
  • Spoiled furbabies: They see their pets as emotional companions and even view them as their “children” more than other generations. Think pet birthday parties and fancy dress-up outfits!
  • Tech-savvy pet parents: Social media plays a big role, with Gen Z using platforms to document their pet’s lives and connect with other animal lovers.
  • Responsible pet care: They prioritize responsible pet ownership, with a higher percentage opting for pet insurance and researching proper care for their chosen companions.
  • Sustainability matters: This eco-conscious generation is interested in sustainable pet food options and researching companies with ethical practices.

Gen Z is redefining the human-animal bond, treating their pets like family with a tech-savvy twist.