How to keep your pet safe with Green Living.

June 16, 2022 | Logan Simmons

We don’t often think of the invisible lurking in our homes and in our food, but many

We don’t often think of the invisible lurking in our homes and in our food, but many of the chemicals and additives that we use in everyday life can have long term health consequences.  However, there are a few helpful tips than can keep you and your pets safe.

1.) Use nontoxic and pet safe cleaners.  Many modern cleaners can be dangerous if accidentally ingested or inhaled.  However, old time traditional ingredients like vinegar and baking soda can provide great cleaning power with far fewer risks.  Look for these ingredients in commercial cleaners or search online for homemade cleaning options.

2.) Dust and vacuum frequently.  As all of us know, our pets can shed and leave unsightly pet hair just about everywhere.  However, lurking in that hair can also be flee eggs and larvae which can breed at a breathtaking pace.  Make sure to vacuum and dust areas frequented by your pets every 2 or 3 days.  Don’t forget to clean those dog and cat beds while you’re at it.  You can even wash those beds in the washing machine in many cases.

3.) Improve air quality.  Smoking is an obvious no no around our pets but make sure to keep the air well ventilated by opening the windows from time to time and by using air purifier machines.  Also, avoid the use of chemical air fresheners and stick to natural options like flowers and essential oils to eliminate smells.  Make sure your pets cannot reach any air fresheners – natural or otherwise.

4.) Feed pet food free of additives and fillers.  Unfortunately, too many pet foods have additives and fillers like added sugar that try to cover up their poor nutrition.  Avoid these foods and seek ones that are transparent about their ethically sourced and quality ingredients.  Fortunately, PURELUXE Pet Food meets all of these requirements.  You can learn all about our dog and cat formulas at pureluxepetfood.com.

As you can see, being green isn’t that hard with just a few changes.  However, these few changes can have lifelong impacts on both you and your pets.