How to Read a Pet Food Label

February 11, 2021 | Logan Simmons
If you think about human foods, the nutrition facts listed on a package can be confusing enough. How

If you think about human foods, the nutrition facts listed on a package can be confusing enough. How do we know if it’s healthy or what those ingredients really mean? When it comes to pet food labels, it can become even more confusing as most of us are more clueless about pet food labels than human food labels.

At PURELUXE, we’re here to help with today’s blog post. Let’s break down a few things with the help of an article from the American Kennel Club. To start with, you’ve got the basics like the name of the product, the quantity of food in the bag, a guaranteed analysis with specific amounts of each nutrient, and feeding instructions among others.

Now you might think this is straightforward but let’s talk about the product name.  It’s all about how it’s worded.  Let’s begin with the main labeling rule on the principle display of the package which is known as the 25% rule.  Any ingredient or ingredients listed on the primary display of the package must be at least 25% of the formulation.  For example, PURELUXE Adult Dog “Made with Turkey” Formula is at least 25% fresh meat turkey.  If a bag has multiple ingredients listed like PURELUXE Healthy Weight Dog Formula “Turkey, Salmon & Lentils”, then all ingredients must be at least 3% of the formulation individually, in order by weight, and a total of at least 25% of the formulation.  Labeling is complicated to understand so we’re here to try to help.

There also a lot that a label doesn’t tell you. That’s why it’s important to really know your pet food company. At PURELUXE, our website tells you the country of origin for our ingredients. We also provide transparency reports which show safety testing (among other items) of your actual batch of food. None of these items are legally required but we think they’re essential. Learn more at pureluxepetfood.com today. You’ll see a special offer for new customers and great value for our existing ones.