Is your dog insisting on being hand fed?

February 2, 2023 | Logan Simmons
When it comes to hand feeding, we often wonder if we should be doing it if our dog wants it.

When it comes to hand feeding, we often wonder if we should be doing it if our dog wants it.  We also might wonder why our dogs want it in the first place too.  Some of the reasons can be benign or can be more serious health concerns.

When it comes to benign and easier to fix concerns, your dog’s bowl may be too deep or the wrong material.  Try a variety of bowls and make sure it’s at the appropriate height for your dog.  Additionally, try feeding your dog once per day in a 10-15 minute uninterrupted block.  Once the time is up, remove the bowl, and don’t feed them anything until the next feeding time.  This will train your dog to eat when they’re supposed to.

When it comes to more serious concerns, there could be some sort of underlying health concern.  Anything from arthritis to nausea to gingivitis could be in play.  It’s best to seek out your vet’s advice if you suspect any of these.  Additionally, your dog might be suffering from stress or might simply be lonely if they’re left alone during the day.  Perhaps more time with your dog, or getting the help of a behavioral specialist, might be in order.

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