Is Your Dog Throwing Up Yellow Bile?

November 11, 2021 | Logan Simmons
It’s never fun to watch your dog throwing up.  Not onl

It’s never fun to watch your dog throwing up.  Not only is it painful for the dog but it’s also a smelly mess.  One particular kind of vomit is from empty-stomach bile vomiting which literally occurs when your dog’s stomach is empty.  However, why would dog throw up when their stomach is empty?

It turns out that bile is produced in the liver and is usually secreted into the upper part of the small intestine where it aids digestion.  However, bile can sometimes back up into the stomach which inflames the stomach lining and then causes vomiting.  Many causes for bile vomiting are theorized including a weak sphincter muscle between the stomach and the small intestine to other reasons such as cancer or food allergies.  However, given that the reasons for bile vomiting aren’t always clear, it’s best to visit your vet for a diagnosis.

Some simple steps that may help include feeding a smaller meal at bedtime to dividing your dog’s meals into a higher number of smaller meals through the day.  Additionally, given that food allergies or diet may be a factor in bile vomiting, it’s a great idea to take a look at what your dog is eating.  Make sure that your dog’s food uses fresh meat as the first ingredient and fewer meat meals which can cause allergies.  PURELUXE Pet Food is formulated in just this fashion, and our customers often see improved health outcomes for their dogs (and their cats too!).  Take a good look at your dog’s health and visit pureluxepetfood.com to learn about our dog food formulas that can be a great help to your furry family member.