I’ve ruled out allergies. Why is my pet’s skin still dry and scratchy?

February 9, 2023 | Logan Simmons
When it comes to skin irritation in pets, we often think of allergens as the first culprit.

When it comes to skin irritation in pets, we often think of allergens as the first culprit.  This can be good thinking because some ingredients, like certain meat meals, can cause allergic reactions.  In fact, PURELUXE makes sure to avoid ingredients that are known to cause these allergic reactions.  However, if you’ve ruled out allergies, and your dog or cat is still suffering from itchy scratchy skin and hair, here are some possible causes and solutions.

One possible culprit is bad shampoo or bathing too frequently.  Try more frequent brushing and gradually reducing the number of baths so they’re still smelling decent while not irritating their skin.  Also, shampoos that are formulated for puppies are often less harsh than their adult counterparts.

Lastly, some culprits that we don’t often think about are the dry and harsh indoor environments that our pets spend a good deal of time in.  Frequent use of heat or air conditioning exacerbates these issues.  At PURELUXE, we’ve added ingredients like coconut oil, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds to nourish your pet’s skin with essential oils.  Additionally, our blend of pro and prebiotics insures that strong colonies of probiotics are maintained in the immune system and the intestines to help with breathing issues from air conditioners and heaters.

When it comes to itchy scratchy skin and coat issues, it’s worth checking all of the boxes and getting the best foods and shampoos possible.  See all of our formulas at pureluxepetfood.com.