Modern Food for Pampered Pets

February 24, 2022 | Logan Simmons
We’ve all seen the commercial.  A wolf is running thru

We’ve all seen the commercial.  A wolf is running thru a snow covered wood, and the narrator comes on and says that your dog has the heart of a wolf.  However, as beautiful and romantic a scene as it is, our dogs today live in a much different environment and have much different needs than their ancestors.  As such, they might have the heart and spirit of a wolf, but their health needs are much different.

Today’s modern dog is exposed to containments like fertilizers or pesticides while on walks.  They’re often left at home for long periods and suffer from boredom or obesity.  Allergies are also common.  This calls for a special food that help alleviate some of these issues.

PURELUXE Pet Food addresses this by including the following in our formulas:

1.) Quality low-glycemic Ingredients for less active pets.  This keeps the weight down and helps prevent diabetes.

2.) Natural antioxidant ingredients help mitigate the effects of irritants likes cleaning products and paint fumes.

3.) Buildings will cold air conditioning cause mucous membrane irritation and breathing difficulties.  Our blend of pro and prebiotics help insure strong probiotic colonies for a strong immune system and strong intestinal health.

4.) Anal glands can be impacted from the lack of exercise.  Every PURELUXE formula contains ingredients to assist with bowel movements.

5.) And so much more!  Learn about all of our formulas at pureluxepetfood.com.

Smart living combined with PURELUXE Pet Food can make sure your dog is ready for the modern city life.  It’s time to be prepared and not to be scared.