Myth Busting Pet Foods

October 21, 2021 | Logan Simmons
When it comes to pet foods, there are all sorts of experts and want-to-be experts that are ready to

When it comes to pet foods, there are all sorts of experts and want-to-be experts that are ready to share their opinion on what’s the best food or what you MUST avoid and what you MUST buy.  However, many of these opinions are based on false assumptions.  Being a transparent company, we at PURELUXE thought it would be worthwhile to break some of those myths.

One assumption is that all foods that meet the AAFCO (American Feed Control Officials) approved nutritional profiles offer the same amount of nutrition.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The AAFCO establishes minimum nutritional guidelines which pet food companies can either meet or exceed.  At PURELUXE, we often exceed the AAFCO requirements by providing more nutrients and supplements than are required while not exceeding healthy limits.

Another assumption is that there is one best food and that you should never switch foods at any time.  The truth is that there is probably a best food for your dog or cat at the present time but that doesn’t mean that this particular food is the universal best for all dogs or cats or that you won’t need to change foods later on.  At PURELUXE, we offer food for both dogs and cats of all age levels, sizes and health conditions.  It’s worth taking at look at pureluxepetfood.com to find the perfect formula for you and maybe order a trial sized bag if you’re unsure.

Finally, there’s the old assumption that a higher price always means the food is better.  This has both truth and falsehood to it.  While many pet food companies’ higher priced options offer better ingredients and nutrition, it’s worth taking a look at the label to see the ingredients they actually contain.  Additionally, make sure that your pet food company is transparent about safety and testing like PURELUXE is.  Our website provides you with real safety tests of your batch of food thru our transparency reports.

With these myths busted, it’s time to get back to real research and finding the best food for your dog or cat.