New Puppy?  Here are a few tips.

December 16, 2021 | Logan Simmons
It’s an exciting time when a new puppy joins the family. 

It’s an exciting time when a new puppy joins the family.  They bring so much joy but also a few challenges with them.

Firstly, how do we house train them?  Truthfully, you need to start from the moment they come home.  Bring the puppy to the exact spot where you want them to relieve themselves and wait until they do their business.  This could take some time, and it’s important that they are not distracted or intimidated by other people or dogs.  Then, monitor your pup over the next few days, and, at the first sign of a full bladder, bring them back to that same spot.  Eventually, they’ll know that they must to their business on that spot outside and not inside the house.

Secondly, it’s important that your puppy be crate trained but don’t overdo it at first.  In begin, trow some treats in there to entice them to enter the crate but don’t lock them in there for extended periods just yet.  Ease into it, and everything should be fine.  It’s important to allow a place to receive themselves in the crate though.  Look into training pads, turf boxes and other accessories that might be helpful.

Finally, what do they eat?  The AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) advises that food nutritional adequacy statements for puppy food say that the food is for “dogs of all life stages” or for “growth”.  However, the most important things to look for are what’s actually in the food and if the manufacturer is serious about transparency and safety.  PURELUXE Pet Food offers our Healthy Activity Dog formula for puppies and other active dogs with fresh meat as our first ingredient.  Also, we offer transparency reports showing you the exact safety tests from your batch of food.  You can learn more at pureluxepetfood.com.

See!  You’re well on your way to a healthy and well behaved new puppy.