PURELUXE Pet Food’s Summer Checklist

June 10, 2022 | Logan Simmons
Welcome to summer, and welcome to roadtrip fun for your dogs and cats (yes, they can travel too).

Welcome to summer, and welcome to roadtrip fun for your dogs and cats (yes, they can travel too).  With a few simple tips, you and your fur babies can be ready for the road ahead.  Here are our top tips:

1.) Make sure you have enough food.  You never know if you’ll be able to find your pet’s preferred food while you’re out on the road.  PURELUXE offers a variety of sizes of all our formulas right down to a 400g trial size that’s perfect to have with you on a picnic or a hike.  Don’t forget our pop up food and water bowls too.

2.) Bring the poop bags and accessories.  Not only is it unsanitary to have your pet leave their business on the ground, but it’s also illegal in most places.  Poop bags are available on our website along with a poop bag dispenser and an assortment of leashes and harnesses.

3.) Make sure your pet is properly restrained.  This could be anything from a dog seatbelt to a proper carrier.  Also, for those pets that are more timid in the car, make sure that you have any soothing supplements or medications that your vet recommends.  You may also want to bring training pads in case of any mishaps.

4.) Make sure your pet’s health is in order.  It’s something we don’t want to think about but accidents can happen.  Therefore, make sure your pet insurance is in order (and you have documents with you) and that your pet’s microchip is functioning.  Also, note down where the nearest vets are on your trip in case you need them.

You see, it’s not that hard.  Just a few simple steps can make your summer fun truly fun.  You can see all of our formulas and accessories at pureluxepetfood.com.