Real Meat is our #1 Ingredient

February 4, 2021 | Logan Simmons

If you take a look at the dog and cat food market, you’ll note that meat is not the

If you take a look at the dog and cat food market, you’ll note that meat is not the number one ingredient in many top foods.  Lesser quality foods often have corn or chicken or beef meal as their number one ingredient.  In fact, chicken and beef meal are statistically proven to be top allergens for dogs.  That’s why we make real meat like chicken and lamb our number one ingredient.  Think of it this way: If you were sitting down to dinner, would you make corn the entree?

Now you might ask yourself: “I know there are foods out there that have meat as their number one ingredient.  Why don’t I choose one of those?”  That’s where PURELUXE’s Elite Nutrition Promise comes into play.  We make sure that all of our meats (and all of our ingredients) are ethically sourced by getting deboned chicken from the USA, deboned lamb from New Zealand and Australia and deboned salmon from Norway and the USA.  Now that’s real meat!

If that weren’t enough, we take Elite Nutrition even further by offering Complete Transparency of our formulas.  When you purchase any bag of PURELUXE, you’ll see a code on the back which you can put into our website.  This code will give you access to real batch testing our your formula’s actual batch manufactured at the factory.  You’ll learn about ash content, cook percentage and taurine testing (just to name a few), and you’ll see that we exceed industry standards left and right.

Please visit pureluxepetfood.com today to learn more about our Elite Nutrition and Complete Transparency.  You’ll even see a special offer for a free trial bag and travel bowl – just pay for shipping.