The Ins and Outs of Chicken

April 15, 2021 | Logan Simmons
PURELUXE prides itself in using some of the best ingredients available and this extends to our chick

PURELUXE prides itself in using some of the best ingredients available and this extends to our chicken.  We use fresh deboned chicken as well as chicken meal right here from the USA and not from anywhere else.  On top of that, our rigorous testing process, which you can see in our transparency reports, gives us safety and quality.

We know many of you might ask why we use chicken meal in addition to fresh deboned chicken.  The answer actually makes quite a bit of sense.  In dry pet food, it’s necessary to form a kibble of food in the shape and texture that a customer expects.  In the case of fresh chicken, using too much of it would result would result in a wet deformed mess since there’s actually quite a bit of water in fresh chicken.  Therefore, PURELUXE and others use chicken meal which is fresh chicken that has been dried.  The result is chicken that can be easily formed into the kibble that you’re used to seeing while also delivering much more protein content than you would expect from fresh chicken alone.  In fact, fresh chicken contains about 1/3 of the amount of protein as an equivalent amount of chicken meal.  It’s all of that water being removed that increases the protein concentration.

At PURELUXE, we balance just the right amount of fresh deboned chicken with chicken meal to insure the perfect formula for your furry family member.  However, one thing we won’t do is add chicken by-products to our formulas.  Some pet food companies will do this to reduce costs by adding any number of chicken by-products like heads, feat and feathers to their formulas.  

Make sure you know what’s in your pet’s food.  Also, make sure you look for the most transparent pet food company on the market that you can trust.  Put simply, that company is PURELUXE Pet Food.