These Professionals Can’t Be Wrong

January 28, 2021 | Logan Simmons
So you might be saying to yourself: “I’ve been seeing promotions for PURELUXE but how do I know

So you might be saying to yourself: “I’ve been seeing promotions for PURELUXE but how do I know if it’s really the right food for my dog or cat?” We’ve got you. That’s why we make sure that our food formulas are placed in front of industry experts so they can tell you about PURELUXE’s Elite Nutrition and Transparency.

Here’s some of what professionals are saying about us:

“I really like that all the PURELUXE pet foods are made in the USA, are grain-free, include pre and probiotics, but don’t contain fillers or by-products.”
-Noir Kitty Mews

“Highly recommended.”
-Dog Food Advisor

“Personally, I love that my dog loves her food because I know it has everything her body needs to be happy and healthy. PURELUXE only uses the highest quality ingredients and they do more than just say that, they prove it. If you want to know exactly the % of ingredients in your pet’s food, you can enter the code on the bag on their website for all the information. Talk about transparency!!”
-Akron Ohio Moms

“So, if you are a pet lover who wishes to give your dog or cat the very best nutrition available, you can’t do better than PURELUXE pure nutrition for dogs (and cats)!”
-Celiac.com (Gluten-Free Food Site, Yes all PURELUXE formulas are gluten-free!)

Now that you’ve read the reviews, head over our reviews section and use code TRIAL5 at checkout at our partner City Pet Food. You’ll receive a free trial bag of food and travel bowl – just pay for shipping. This offer is for new customers only.