Traveling with your Dog this Summer? Make it fun!

June 29, 2021 | Logan Simmons
With so many of us hitting the road this summer, it’s important to think about your dog and if the

With so many of us hitting the road this summer, it’s important to think about your dog and if they’ll be travelling with you.  The truth is that you can travel with your dog with ease with a few helpful preparations.

First, it’s important to make sure that your dog is fully up to date on their shots, and you might even want to have a checkup done if you’ll be travelling for an extended period of time.  Also, make sure you know where emergency vets are along your route, and, obviously, make sure you have plenty of their regular food.  Travel sized bags like PURELUXE’s own 400g trial sizes can be a perfect fit and not take up too much space.

Second, let’s talk about crates and identification.  It’s important that your dog be able to get up and turn around in the crate and that there is an absorbent pad on the bottom in case of any accidents.  Ventilation is also important – especially if they’ll be traveling by plane.  Ensure as well that you’ve got a good leash and collar (or harness like the one PURELUXE offers) along with proper identification tags.  Microchipping can also be helpful.  Additionally, make sure to travel with your dog’s medical and vaccination records as these can come in handy if you need to seek medical attention and may be legally required to cross state lines or travel by plane.

Third, let’s talk about the actual time spent travelling.  It’s best to have your dog travel on a fairly empty stomach to avoid any nausea.  Inquire with your vet about the best water supply to bring as water that’s foreign to your dog may cause an upset stomach.  Fresh air is also important but don’t let your dog hang out of the window or ride in the back of a pickup bed as injury can occur from flying objects.  Also, make sure to stop from time to time for exercise and bathroom breaks, and bring some familiar toys from home along for the ride.  Anxiety can be a problem while traveling and familiar items can make a big difference.  If your dog is more anxious, talk to your vet about possible supplements and medications that might calm them.

When it comes to cats, much of the above advice applies.  However, make sure to bring disposable litter boxes and tell your cat many encouraging words as they’ll be out of their comfort zone.  The author of this article can attest to that .

With these few tips, you and your pets should have a great trip together.  We’ll see you on the roads and in the sky!  Learn more about PURELUXE formulas and accessories at pureluxepetfood.com.