Why does my dog lick their paws?

July 27, 2023 | Logan Simmons
You might not notice it at first, but your dog probably licks their paws from time to time.

You might not notice it at first, but your dog probably licks their paws from time to time.  Have you ever thought that they’re licking too much?  It’s worth taking a glance since excessive paw licking can be linked to both physical and mental health issues – especially when the paws start to turn red.

When you first notice this behavior, inspect the paws and look for any injury or debris that could be lodged in.  Remove the debris, address any injury and then see how things go. If the excessive licking goes away, your problem may be solved.

However, the licking issue if often more complicated than that.  Allergies or yeast infections could be to blame too.  In fact, yeast infections are more common in the hot weather that we’re experiencing now.  Try soaking the paws in epsom salt and warm water.  Then, dry the paws and apply foot powder that’s anti-fungal (most are).  If that doesn’t work, or if allergies are at play, it’s time for a checkup at the vet.

Another reason for excessive licking is anxiety.  If this is the case in your dog, you may notice other signs like destructive behavior, intense vocalizations or hiding.  If you can, try and eliminate what’s causing the anxiety or try and train your dog to deal with it.  If you continue to have trouble, your vet may have ideas on how to address the behavior.

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