Why our cats love us

August 4, 2023 | Logan Simmons
All of us cat lovers know what much our cats love us but others might need some convincing.

All of us cat lovers know what much our cats love us but others might need some convincing.  Here are some subtle clues that a cat loves you very much:

1.) Affiliative behaviors

-When cats feel threatened by someone, they often stare directly at them.  However, when they trust you, a cat will blink their eyes.  They might even look off to the side to let you know that they trust you.  Additionally, cats will rub up against you and leave pheromones.  They’ll probably expect to be petted at that point.

2.) Spending time close to you

-If a cat has full reign over the entire house, and they decide to nap next to you or even on you, then you know that they truly love you.  Just think of all the other places they could choose to be.

3.) They tolerate you in uncomfortable situations

-Have you ever tried to trim a cat’s nails?  It often isn’t pleasant, but, if a cat loves and trusts you, they’ll often tolerate the experience.  They know that their loving cat parent won’t really hurt them.

4.) They miss you

-If you’ve been gone for awhile, see how your cat reacts when you get home.  If they express excitement and make a lot of vocalization, you can be sure that your cat missed you and loves you.

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